• Beeswax wraps in designs you'll love.

    $1 from every wrap sold through our online store goes to the Neonatal Trust Auckland.



  • What people are saying

    Lyn, Auckland

    “I find them great for leftovers, keeps them fresh and ready for lunch the next day. I also use them to wrap my cheese in, cover my homemade pate and wrap my Vogel bread to keep it fresh. I also found yesterday that they keep half and avocado beautifully fresh. Love these wraps”.

    Bridget, Auckland

    “Loving these beautiful colourful wraps. Super easy to use instead of cling wrap in all ways, to cover plates/unfinished meals, wrap whole foods (peeled carrot/apple etc.) or sandwiches. Hubby finds them easy to wash too”.

    Nicky, Auckland

    "I love these wraps for the kids’ lunchboxes! Great for keeping sandwiches fresh. They are really easy to use and last for ages."

    Clare, Auckland

    "I love using Wraps for Good because not only am I using no plastic which is a win for the environment, but knowing that a portion of every sale goes towards a good cause is a win for everyone. Wraps for Good are bloody great!​"

  • Ways to use them


    Use the wraps as a lid to mold over bowls, cups, containers, cans and more.


    The wrap will stick to itself when you use your hands to mold around items of food.

    Gift wrap

    A wonderful and unique way to wrap a small gift. No sticky tape required.

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  • About Us

    Wraps for Good was born very organically out of a strong desire to help. Help our planet, help people choose a reusable, environmentally-friendly product and also support really heart-warming causes in our community. Our aim is to provide an excellent alternative to plastic wrap that is affordable and continue to give inspiration on the different ways to use them.


    Our handmade beeswax wraps are made from 100% cotton and all natural beeswax.

    We strive to offer really high quality wraps in designs you'll love and three different sizes, giving you choice when choosing what works for your lifestyle. We often change our fabric patterns depending on supply and season. If there isn't a fabric that appeals to you, drop us a message at the bottom of our page and let us know. We love hearing what people like and don't like.



  • Good Causes

    Neonatal Trust Auckland

    Heart Kids NZ

    Tom & Amber




    One For Her










  • Q&A

    How do they work?

    Beeswax wraps are used just like cling film, but better because they are reusable. Use your hands to mold the wrap around your food or dish. The warmth of your hands will allow the wax to soften slightly giving it a good stick.

    What's used to make the wraps?

    We use 100% cotton and all natural beeswax.

    Fabric imported into NZ is often treated so we always make sure it's washed, dried and ironed before applying the wax.

    What sizes do you have?

    We hand make 3 different sized beeswax wraps. We don't make an overly large size wrap. We have found that smaller wraps are more convenient for everyday use. Our sizes are:

    Small - 20cmx20cm

    Medium - 20cmx30cm

    Large - 30cmx30cm


    As we hand make all our wraps there may be slight variations to the sizing above.

    How long will they last for?

    Beeswax wraps typically have a lifespan of up to 6 months, sometimes longer. It all depends on how you use and look after the wraps.

    Is there anything I can't use them with?

    Avoid using your wraps to cover meat and we don't recommend putting them in the freezer.

    How do I wash them?

    Cold water hand wash or a gentle wipe down should be sufficient. A small amount of gentle soap or detergent is fine.

    Do not put them in the dishwasher or expose them to heat as the beeswax will melt.

    Will they look as pretty as when I bought them?

    Almost. When you start to use your wraps there will be fold lines. This will not affect the quality it's just natural for them to do this. If you find the wax cracking due to storing in the fridge you can use your hands to warm the wax again or pop it on some baking paper on a tray in the oven very quickly to re-spread the wax. Always be careful when handling hot wax.

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