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    $1 from every pack sold will be donated to our chosen good causes for 2020.


    Free shipping New Zealand wide.

  • Our Good Causes


    One For Her

    One For Her is a registered NZ charity fighting to end period poverty. Collection points are set up across NZ where they are then passed on to organisations who get the much needed period products to people who really need them.

    With the advancement in technology of planet friendly products we will look to target our donation towards sustainable, reusable products.

    If you can afford to, please consider buying 'one for her' next time you're in the supermarket.


    To find your nearest collection point please visit

    One For Her


    Down To Earth Kiwis NZ

    DTEKNZ is a non profit organisation managing family-friendly, environmental clean ups.

    They spend a lot of time removing rubbish from our beaches - in and out of the water as well as raising awareness on how to be a tidy Kiwi. They are all about setting an example and looking after our environment for future generations.


    For more information please visit



    Essentially Men

    Essentially Men is an organisation close to our hearts. They run life-changing courses which give men the tools to become better people, better partners and better fathers.

    Their purpose is to connect and inspire men.

    Their approach is experiential, holistic and 100% New Zealand-grown in response to the needs and diversity of men in New Zealand. They conduct events for men of all ages and foster an ethos of men supporting each other within the context of their whanau and community. They encourage community development, a culture of service, and respect for women.

    For more information please visit

    Essentially Men


    $1600 donated in 2019

    In 2016 our daughter was born very early and subsequently spent the first few months of her life in hospital. As parents this was one of the toughest times of our lives. The Neonatal Trust based in Auckland Hospital was there for us as a parents support network. They put on small events such as afternoon teas and 5 minute massages if we wanted a short break from our incubator-side positions. They offer many services to parents including a recently introduced coffee group where parents and babies can go to talk through their trauma.

  • Ways to use them


    Use the wraps as a lid to mold over bowls, cups, containers, cans and more.


    The wrap will stick to itself when you use your hands to mold around items of food.

    Gift wrap

    A wonderful and unique way to wrap a small gift. No sticky tape required.

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  • What people are saying

    Lyn, Auckland

    “I find them great for leftovers, keeps them fresh and ready for lunch the next day. I also use them to wrap my cheese in, cover my homemade pate and wrap my Vogel bread to keep it fresh. I also found yesterday that they keep half and avocado beautifully fresh. Love these wraps”.

    Nicky, Auckland

    "I love these wraps for the kids’ lunchboxes! Great for keeping sandwiches fresh. They are really easy to use and last for ages."

    Bridget, Auckland

    “Loving these beautiful colourful wraps. Super easy to use instead of cling wrap in all ways, to cover plates/unfinished meals, wrap whole foods (peeled carrot/apple etc.) or sandwiches. Hubby finds them easy to wash too”.

    Clare, Auckland

    "I love using Wraps for Good because not only am I using no plastic which is a win for the environment, but knowing that a portion of every sale goes towards a good cause is a win for everyone. Wraps For Good are great!​"

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    3 Pack (S, M + L)
    A great combo pack containing one of each size. Small, medium and large.
    S - approx. 22x22cm
    M - approx. 22x32cm
    L - approx. 32x32cm
    Now offering a lucky dip mix pack.
    If you would like to mix up the patterns please select lucky dip and tell us in the comments at checkout which patterns you want for which size wrap.
    Free NZ shipping.
    Prices include GST.
    Coming soon
  • About Us

    Wraps for Good was born very organically out of a strong desire to help. Help our planet, help people choose a reusable, environmentally-friendly product and also support really heart-warming causes in our community. Our aim is to provide an excellent alternative to plastic wrap that is affordable and continue to give inspiration on the different ways to use them.


    Our handmade beeswax wraps are made from 100% cotton and all natural beeswax.

    We were getting feedback that although pine resin makes a stickier wrap it also leaves a residue on your hands and on your food. For this reason we stopped using it in our wraps and changed our cotton and beeswax formula.

    We strive to offer really high quality wraps in designs you'll love. We often change our fabric patterns depending on supply and season.









  • Q&A

    How do they work?

    Beeswax wraps are used just like cling film, but better because they are reusable. Use your hands to mold the wrap around your food or dish. The warmth of your hands will allow the wax to soften slightly giving it a good stick. Note when it's a bit cooler in the air it may take a little longer to seal.

    What's used to make the wraps?

    We use 100% cotton and all natural beeswax. Our beeswax composition is a milder smell than most as the feedback was that people (kids in particular) didn't like the smell it left on their food. We don't use pine resin or oils due to allergies and the residue it leaves on your hands and on your food. We've worked hard to find just the right type of fabric weave and beeswax to bring you a great quality wrap.

    What sizes do you have?

    We hand make 3 different sized beeswax wraps

    Our sizes are:

    Small - 22cm x 22cm

    Medium - 22cm x 32cm

    Large - 32cm x 32cm


    As we hand make all our wraps there may be slight variations to the sizing above.

    How long will they last for?

    Beeswax wraps typically have a lifespan of up to 6 months, sometimes longer. It all depends on how you use and look after the wraps.

    Is there anything I can't use them with?

    Avoid using your wraps to cover meat and we don't recommend putting them in the freezer.

    How do I wash them?

    Hand wash with cold water or a gentle wipe down should be sufficient. A small amount of planet-friendly detergent is fine.

    Do not put them in the dishwasher, washing machine or microwave and do not expose to direct sunlight for too long.

    Will they look as pretty as when I bought them?

    Almost. When you start to use your wraps there will be fold lines. This will not affect the quality it's just natural for them to do this. If you find the wax cracking you can use your hands to warm the wax again or pop it between some baking paper sheets and give it a light iron to re-spread the wax. Always be careful when handling hot wax.

    Can I re-wax my wraps?

    When your wraps start to lose their stick it might be time for some new ones. You can re-wax your wraps. There are many great YouTube videos on how to do this.

    Please always be careful when dealing with hot wax.

    Got a question?

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  • Wholesale

    Gift Stands

    We can now offer our beeswax wraps to retailers at competitive wholesale rates.

    We've worked hard to make it easy for you, supplying you with an eye-catching, colourful stand in two options: Large stand (32 packs) and small stand (16 packs). Stand, header card and sample wrap come free with the first order.

    Gift Stands (2 sizes)

    Each pack contains 1 x Large, 1 x Medium, 1 x Small Wrap.


    Get in touch if you'd like to enquire about stocking our wraps.